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1930 800 W. 5th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102


First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth began in 1874 with the completion of its first building, a one-room frame structure at Fourth and Jones Street in downtown Fort Worth. It became known as the Fourth Street Methodist Church.

In 1887 the church moved the original frame building to the rear of the lot to make room for a new brick structure. First Methodist Church became its official name in 1890.

Following another period of growth, in 1908 the church purchased a lot at the corner of Seventh and Taylor and constructed a two-story building of light colored brick and stone with a balcony on each side and one in back of the Sanctuary.

In 1924 St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church at Tenth and Burnet took its place along with other church buildings which were early homes of the First Methodist Church congregation.These two Methodist congregations formed a merger in 1930, nine years ahead of the official unification in 1939.

On the morning of October 29, 1929 — the day the stock market crashed — ground was broken for our current facility. Through tough economic times that followed, our congregation remained determined to complete the church building in 1930 as planned.

Since completing the current facility at Fifth and Henderson, the church has continued to expand, renovate and acquire property, including Lyle Lodge on Eagle Mountain Lake, the Foundation Building, the Children’s Building expansion and the First Street Methodist Mission Building on West First Street.


This Gothic Revival church was designed by Fort Worth Architect Wiley G. Clarkson. Harry B. Friedman was the General Contractor. Over the years, major additions have been made to the original church building. Hahnfeld Associates of Fort Worth have been the architects on these additions.

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  • "Missing You!"

    Li’m missing my Church being open on Sunday for services and to touch base with all my friends there!

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800 W. 5th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102

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